Looking to Lose Weight?

I recently did a survey asking people what type of fat they are looking to get rid of?  What do you think the most pesky,  irritating type of fat for MOST people.

Getting Rid of Abdominal Fat

Do you want to get rid of abdominal fat? Of course you do. The question should not be do you want to, but more realistically, how do you do it. If you believe the hype, you can get rid of abdominal fat by taking a pill or by rubbing your tummy with creams and lotions.

On the other hand, there are experts that tell you that you can’t get rid of abdominal fat at all- that once you have it, you are stuck with it. Neither is exactly true.

You can get rid of abdominal fat, you are not stuck with it forever. Now for the really hard to take information: it is not going to be easy.

Before we even think about why it is so hard to get rid of abdominal fat, let’s look at why it is so important to do it. Your body is made up of bones, muscles and other tissues.

Contrary to what the advertising execs would like us to think, we also need a layer of fat on our body to be healthy and to function correctly. This layer of fat, which varies by placement and thickness depending on genetics and gender as well as other factors, protects our internal organs and also insulates us, keeping our bodies warm. This layer of fat also serves as our protection against starvation, a fail safe mechanism built right into our bodies. It is nothing short of brilliant.

When you first start gaining weight, you might do so fairly evenly, all over your body. Some people may have weight gain that is more focused in a particular area or it might be most noticeable in certain areas like the face.

For some people, simply losing some weight will get rid of abdominal fat, for others, it is harder to accomplish. The problem with abdominal fat is that it is very stubborn and as it turns out can be more dangerous than having a little junk in your trunk or a little jiggle to the thighs.  It is important to get rid of abdominal fat because it is linked to increased risk of heart disease and other serious health risks.

Now that you have the basics of why it is so hard to get rid of abdominal fat but why it is so important to do so, you can start working on a diet and exercise plan that will let you get started with your efforts. You can’t do it with a pill that you swallow or a cream that you rub on. You can get rid of abdominal fat but it takes hard work and dedication.

You can do it, and for your personal health, you should!  It does take a combination of both exercise, healthy eating, and know how to effectively diet.  In other words, it takes the right kind of diet.  I truly do believe I have found this “right” diet and the route to losing ANY excess fat.

The diet program is called Strip That Fat.  You can read my full review here!