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When people think of using exercise to lose weight, they lose their poor, little minds. They automatically think of running, destroying their knees and their ankles as they huff and puff for miles on end.

They think of going to expensive gyms where thyroidal monsters bark commands in slight Germanic accents.

Or, they think of gyms that are so touchy feely that they need to check their sugar when they are done and think carefully that their next exercise is going to be putting a choke hold on the next grinning sap who tries to hug them. Rest assured that those are not necessary.

You can use walking to lose weight and you may be more successful than trying to do the more extreme routes for a number of reasons. Really. Walking to lose weight may be better for your than a full out run.

We walk every day. We walk to the couch and plop down. We walk to the cabinet or the fridge and get a snack or two. We walk from our car to the office and then to the elevator.

From the elevator, we walk to our desk where we only get up to walk to the vending machine or out to door at lunch time and quitting time. But, what if we take all of that walking and boost it up a little and use our normal walking to lose weight? It can be done.

All that we need to do is change the way we think about our day to day tasks. Yes, you need to do a little extra walking to lose weight but for now, let’s worry about changing some of these terrible habits.

Sitting in front of the television for instance: for every commercial, you get up and walk a lap or two around the room or you get up and do a chore that needs to be done. Every second commercial break, you walk to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. That way not only are you walking to lose weight but increasing your water intake as well.

In the morning when you get to the office, you don’t park in the nearest spot you can find- you park at the back of the lot as far away from the office as you can get. (This goes for every trip you make. You also skip all drive through windows.)

Instead of automatically hitting the elevator, you walk up the stairs. No more trips to the vending machine and no more using text or email. If you need to talk to someone in the office, you walk over to them and say what you have to say. It costs you nothing to use walking to lose weight but the pay off can be immense.

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