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This is NAME from….thanks for stopping by.  I too have been struggling with weight issues my whole life.  Believe me, it is a common problem not just with you, I think most people struggle with weight loss at least at some point during their lives.

The main problem: EATING.

If you are like me, you love to eat.  Although I am not huge into fast food, if I am hungry and a McDonalds or Burger King is the closest available place to eat, I do “give in” sometimes and get my favorite burger.  I think we all do and this to be quite honest with you, is OK.

The problem though is that for some of us, this becomes a habit.  We go to the nearest fast food joint at lunch EVERY DAY.  Fast food is bad.  Fast food does lead to weight gain.  Fast food made me gain weight.

This also carries into your habits at home.  Instead of eating an apple for a snack, I found myself eating a bag of chips, cheezies, or some other high carb, high fat meal.   I was choosing what tasted good and what was in my cupboard.

Dieting does not have to be dieting.  Dieting can simply be a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercising regularly without the burden of eating boring diet food, or running on the treadmill for endless hours.  The reason diets fail is because they are not practical and they do not work for the long term.  I mean, you cannot eat grapefruits for the next 20 years…this is unrealistic.

That is why I created this site.   To help people learn about diets that actually work, are not restrictive and that can truly help you lose as much weight as you want.  I have failed many times at dieting and I have also succeeded, so I want to share these experiences with people as well.

If you have any questions at any time, please send me a personal email to my email addy:

I will be sure to get back (ideally within 24 hours) with my best response.

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