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Ready for something that will potentially change your life and help you start your own business online? If you are answer is YES, then this page is for you. My goal is to help people find the best quality programs online, and I wanted to provide you my personal review of the best make money training.

#1 Online Diet

Strip That Fat Homepage

Name: Strip That Fat
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My Rank: #1 Online
Quality of Training: 9.5/10
Quality of Tools: 9/10
Cost for Quality: 10/10
Personal Support: 10/10
Overall Value: 10/10

My personal opinion: After years of dieting and seeing more than my fair share of diet programs, schemes, and regimes out there I was happily relieved when I came across the Strip That Fat diet.

There are several aspects of the Strip That Fat diet that truly do separate it from the conventional diets you may be used to and I am going to outline these within my review points below.  I am also going to discuss some of the things that you may not like about this diet (although they are few and far between).

“Reasons Why YOU Can’t Live Without Strip That Fat…”

Reason #1: The Community, The Support

Every felt stuck, lost, or bewildered by the whole diet thing. The main reason most people fail at dieting surrounds one simple idea: support.  Support leads to motivation.  Motivation leads to success.

Within the Strip That Fat Platinum membership, you have full access to the STF forum where you can communicate not only with fellow dieters, but you will also be able to communicate personally with the Strip That Fat Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, Cara!

Cara can help!

She is available all the time and from my experience, she usually gets back to any queries (if another member hasn’t already gotten back to you) within 24 hours.  Also, you can contact her via Private Message if you have anything that is a bit more personal and you don’t want to discuss via the forum.

The Awesome STF Forum

The Awesome STF Forum!

This is a BIG deal for dieters and this sort of service would typically fetch you several $100 every month for your own personal trainer.  The community at Strip That Fat is INCLUDED for no extra cost within the Platinum Membership (which costs marginally more than the Gold Membership.

Join STF Platinum and get instant access to the community!

Reason #2: The Diet Generator

With over 80 different menu items, and 5 different meals per day, there are many 1,000 different daily menu combinations.  The Strip That Fat diet generator is geared towards short term dieting…ie, losing 10lbs in 2 weeks.  It really does work and you will quickly come to understand the benefits of this healthy diet when you start using it.

One thing that many people hate about diets is the food.  I can attest that most diets I have ever been on are disgusting, boring or they force me to eat the same grub over and over again.  With STF you can choose the food you like and stay away from the food you don’t like.  You also get to eat until you have the full feeling, so no starvation will be necessary to lose weight.

As a bonus, it also will provide you with a grocery shopping list so you can easily go to your local supermarket and pick up the foods you need for that week (and avoid the junk food isles!).

Here is an example day’s food:

Meal 1 (Breakfast): Omlette w/ Toast
Meal 2 (Snack): Plain Yogurt with berries
Meal 3 (Lunch): Grilled Chicken w/ Green Beans
Meal 4 (Snack): Tomato Slices With Feta and Olive Oil
Meal 5 (Dinner): Pistachio Crusted Halibut with Greens

My mouth is watering as I type this! Mmmmm!  This is just one meal that I pulled out of my last 14 day diet I did with the diet generator.  All levels of Strip That Fat members get unlimited access to the diet generator.

Start your first “lose 10lbs in 14 days” generated diet plan!

Reason #3: The Strip That Fat Long Term Diet Plan

Dieting is like any self-improvement success…it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without work.  However, it will happen and you will lose as much weight as you like if you have a blueprint to follow and a plan as to how you are going to carry it out.

Within the main Strip That Fat diet manual you will learn everything you need to know about dieting.  You will learn how to eat properly, what foods to avoid, what foods will make you full, which foods won’t, how much water you should drink, and they outline some of the best superfoods.

Calories are also big within the diet plan.  What should you eat, how do you burn the most calories…even while you are resting, and what are the top exercises for burning calories and what are some delicious low calorie foods that can fill you up.

This is just the start in the close to 100 page Strip That Fat guide.  You will truly learn everything you need to know about dieting for the long term and after you take in just some of these tips you will be prepared to lose weight for the long term!

Visit the Strip That Fat website to learn more.

Reason 4: Real people, real success.

Obviously, outside of all the features, support, diet generator and guide don’t mean anything if people are not succeed.  Diet success is very important to me.

If people are not succeeding around me (and if I haven’t succeeded), then I do not recommend something. Whether this is a program to help you lose weight or to help you get a tight mid-section, the claims have to match the product quality or I don’t promote it. It is as simple as that. Having access to Strip That Fat will give you the foundation to lose as much weight as you want.

The cool part is that I have heard stories of people losing much more than 100 lbs and I have also heard from many people that they have lost 10+ lbs in the first month, many in the first 2 weeks.

And there is one thing that is not disclosed too well on the sales page, but if you take advantage of the Strip That Fat $100 Challenge, you can earn $100 if you provide a before and after picture, including your weight loss story using the Strip That Fat program.  Lose weight and earn money doing so…how about that!

Experience Weight Loss Success with Strip That Fat today!

It’s Guaranteed!

Strip That Fat is backed by a no questions ask, 100% guarantee on your investment.  If you do not lose weight, you get all your money back. Really, this is the safest weight loss investment.

Really, if you try any program and it doesn’t meet your standards, then you shouldn’t have to pay right?  I believe so and Strip That Fat backs their product with their 60 day iron clad guarantee!

Join Strip That Fat today RISK FREE!